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The Cotswolds are an amazingly beautiful place to visit, drawing visitors from all over the world to the stunning views and beautiful villages. However, away from the more popular destinations and well-trodden routes, there lies the southern Cotswolds. 
Often overlooked, this land is rich in undiscovered gems and has a special tranquility of its own. It is this "real Cotswolds” and its hidden, secret places which we would love to show you. 
Our routes will take you to places that few people know about and are inaccessible to car or minibus tour groups. We will explore hidden valleys, see panoramic views and walk through ancient woodlands that have a rich and surprising heritage. 
Every path, track and road has a history: when we walk along them, we are stepping in the same places that Roman legions, cattle drovers and salt mules trod, many years ago. 

Walking tours in Gloucestershire & the Cotswolds 

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Tell me more about the Cotswolds 

The Cotswold National Landscape is famous the world over for its stunning English countryside, picturesque villages, vibrant towns, and heritage cities. Recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty, it covers nearly 800 square miles and stretches across five counties; mainly Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire and parts of Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. 
The wonderful countryside, rich in heritage and history is ideal for recreational walking. The breathtaking landscape is criss-crossed by 3,000 miles of historic footpaths, bridleways and trails to explore. Beautiful villages of characteristic honey-coloured stone houses nestle between rare grassland habitats, ancient woodlands and wildflower meadows, with 4,000 miles of historic stone walls dividing the landscape.  
If you step away from the more popular destinations and well-trodden routes, there lies another world. It is to these undiscovered gems and the often overlooked beauty of the real southern Cotswolds that we would like to take you. 
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What are the walks like? 

The Cotswolds are always beautiful and always changing, so every walk is a unique adventure. The countryside looks different in all weathers and seasons. What remains constant is that it always looks stunning! 
As we guide you through the landscape we will tell you about the woodlands we pass through and the streams we cross and point out some of the flora and fauna. We will also tell you a little of the history of the places and how the footpaths on which we are walking have developed over time. Much of the southern Cotswolds also has a rich industrial heritage and evidence of its remains can still be seen today. 
Some of our guests prefer to absorb the peacefulness and freshness of the air, gaze at the views, imagine people from bygone times walking the same routes and sit quietly hoping to spot a deer or a particular bird. It is entirely up to you. 

Where do we walk? 

Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to design a variety of interesting routes to suit everyone — see Our Walks. 
They have been specially chosen to include different, off-the-beaten-track locations to provide an authentic experience of the “real Cotswolds”. They differ in length and difficulty, but all are immensely enjoyable. 
Alternatively, we are happy to design a bespoke route to just for you. If a particular location really appeals, or there is somewhere you have heard about and always wanted to see, then we can create a perfect itinerary. Just let us know what you would like. 


In these uncertain times, the benefits of fresh air, outdoor activities and exercise have never been more important. 
Like everyone else we have had to adapt to meet the challenges of Covid-19.  
Thankfully walking in the wonderful open air is safe, healthy and enriches the body and soul. 
Our walking groups are currently limited to 6 people including the guide, who will provide hand sanitiser and appropriate advice when required.  
Wearing face masks in the UK is not necessary when walking outside, but is required in indoor public spaces. 

Do you speak other languages? 

Rob is a local and experienced walker and tours are conducted in English. However, he's happy to converse in Italian or French as well, and tours can also be arranged with a Chinese speaker. 
See the 'Our Walks' page for more information about the various walks we provide, or get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you through the options. 
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