"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking." 
"I have been walking for pleasure all my life and all over the world. I have shaken sand from my boots along the Italian coast, the Empty Quarter of the UAE and in the mountains of the Musandam peninsula in Oman. Closer to home, I have roamed all over the south-west of England for decades, and particularly in the Cotswolds which I love. 
I know the “undiscovered” southern Cotswolds really well. Still relatively untouched by tourism, it has a more wild and raw landscape and a different appeal.  
My family have lived and farmed in the area for generations, and our parents encouraged a love and appreciation of the outdoors, something which I’m happy to have passed to my own children in turn. 
The Cotswolds are an amazingly beautiful place to visit, drawing visitors from all over the world to the stunning views and beautiful villages. However away from the more popular destinations and well-trodden routes there lies the southern Cotswolds. It is full of undiscovered gems and its own unique tranquility, both of which are often overlooked. 
It is this area, the “real Cotswolds” and its hidden and secret places, which we would love to show you." 
Cotswold private walking tour guide Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis, Founder 

"Our routes will take you to places that few people know about and are inaccessible to car or minibus tour groups. 
We will explore hidden valleys, see panoramic views and walk through ancient woodlands that have a rich and surprising history. 
Every path, track and road has a history: when we walk along them, we are stepping in the same places that the Roman legions, cattle drovers and salt mules trod, many years ago. 
We may see pheasants, buzzards, alpaca, squirrels, deer, or cows crossing the road on their way to milking. 
We promise you unspoiled countryside and clean, fresh air with maybe bluebells, wild garlic, funghi, or dazzling autumn leaves. 
We might pass the oldest monument in the UK to slavery abolition, view the crash site of a WW2 US plane, walk through limestone grasslands, come across ancient burial grounds and iron-age camps, or simply wander through the countryside of Laurie Lee, the English writer of Cider with Rosie. 
There is a fascinating industrial heritage of tranquil canals and abandoned wool mills to discover. We will tell you these stories and many more. 
I formed Cotswold Trails with my family to pass on our passion, knowledge and enjoyment of the landscape. 
We want you to share its beauty and take away memories of a wonderful day that will last you a lifetime." 
Rob Lewis 
Founder, Cotswold Trails 


It is our aim that our walks should have the minimum impact on the beautiful Cotswold countryside.  
We carefully follow the Countryside Code, looking after wildlife and the landscape by not littering, guarding against fire, and using footpaths responsibly. 
We will ensure you take away wonderful memories and leave only footprints. 
Cotswold view towards Wales
Friendly Cotswold cow
Countryside Code Cotswold walks Leave No Trace

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